Friday, May 3, 2013

So.. We're still alive.

That is no joke. We're still here, around, just not posting or Twittering or Booking or Skyping (at least on our Wizard accounts.)

Actually, after Mary and I left this blog, we did pretty much nothing.

Yeah. Nothing.

Man, it feels weird calling her Mary here. Aren't I Amber? The name, yeah. But I am not Amber, not anymore.

That's really confusing.

You're probably wondering what happened.

After I left my personal-ish blog (not the shared one which is this one) I went a little crazy.

Um, a couple of suicide notes, cuts on my ankles and thighs, a lot of angst, someone close to me dealing with an eating disorder, another close friend or two who had the same problems, an emotionally abusive brother later, I'm a little stable now.

What happened was blogging became too much to go on with, and I said, "Screw this, screw everything. I can't do this anymore." I left, a little dramatically.

Now that I look back on it, I'm such an idiot. I'm not coming back, though.
Trust me, I've tried.

Lately it's been a lot better. Back in December, some people found out what brink I was on and got my school, parents, and doctor involved. The decision was to watch me closely and not give me meds, and for me to see the school counselor every week. Those visits have been declining and I'm finally getting some leniency now, which is a great thing.

My friend, someone you know here. Mary. We don't talk about it often, but she's doing better now. We don't talk that much at all anymore. I doubt our friendship can ever really be the same.

My brother is out doing his own thing now, not quite out of the house but not quite here all the time.

And I'm healing, one month cut free, I just deleted my IRL tumblr that I reblogged SH/Suicide things on and decided I am done.

So hey. It's okay.

The big picture is, things get better.

If you want to contact me, please just leave a message at my EMAIL.

It's gonna have a load of spam now, but whatever. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


FIRST OF ALL- Yes I know, I have quit the blogger community but I just HAD to post this.

IT IS MARY! OK! So as all of you have probably noticed, this site has been down for quite a while. It had somehow been shut down and no one could access it because it was just.....gone. Link


Honestly, I still dont get it, but the domain name thing ran out on this acount, so I guess blogger decided to shut it down or something until we got the free version (Which is why you see .blogspot at the end of the url now, :( ) So ANYWAYS, I was bored and i've been sad (irl problems, please don't ask) and I figured it out and now ITS BACK UP AGAIN! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

*mini dance party*

Right now, Amber doesn't know that it's up yet (Well unless she randomly decided to look the site up in the past 20 minutes after I uploaded it...........HI AMBER!!! :D) but I'm so happy to show everyone that this is back ^_^

Although I POSSIBLY wont post on this anymore, if I do get back more into the game (Im level 64, hehe ^_^) then I might make a few posts :D I am not sure if Amber will post on this anymore or on her own blog, but I am happy that we have this URL back ^_^

So anyways, Welcome back ^_^

-Mary Dreamshade

Monday, July 25, 2011

Helllllo? I'm not dead.

Hey guys, so it's come to my attention that this blog seems to be down for a bit... I'm hoping a new link/post will fix it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh, snap!

[Eheh.. I forgot to put up the picture.. sorry. ^^ I'll get to that after breakfast.]
[[OK. Heck with that. I smell bacon.]]
[[[OK, it's after breakfast now.. there was bacon. Lets get on with this post already!!]]]
It was more like brunch..
Short, FYI. I'm not sure what Hint 3 will be, but it certainly will be a photo.  Before you start guessing, please read this post (cause it explains everything I was going to anyway):
Yeah :D
Alas, though, this secret project isn't as carefully planned out as Autumn's , I'm hoping it'll be something *fun*. (Not to say all her suspense WASN'T fun, it just was sort of strange to see HiaG all... weirded out, no?)
Hint #3 will be up in a few days. I still need to plan everything. Oh dear, where did that bowl go..?
There's a lot I need to do.. and I'm not even started!
Gotta run.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

*So* did not see this one coming

Well, KI has gone and done Fairy Wings. I really didn't see this one coming, because it has to mess with the projects I'm doing! EEK! I just hope someone gifts me a 7 day or something.. they really need 1-day'ers.
What am I doing, asking for gifts?  I logged on today to find this:
Staff from John

Leperchaun and Leperchaun from Donna and John!

Oh, and I've got more news. More!? Yep.
You may note I just logged on.
Yes, it's true. My PC is back, and in BETTER than brand-spanking new condition. New video card + fan, almost like straight out of the factory. It's neat! But... I need to make more backgrounds and stuff before I start with anything...(If you have recomended desktop backgrounds, I'd love it if you dropped me a comment with the link. They're moderated, so I'm probably going to delete them afterwards.^^).

The KI Free Games craze, woah, Omae. I still cannot get into the 20,000 points mark.. I need a staff.. or a blade.. mostly a unicorn.
I mean, who DOESN'T want a unicorn!?  They're the only girly thing you can get away with on a clean slate...
Cause it's a unicorn, that's why!
Well, anyway, I doubt I'll be trying the Fairy Wings just yet. I need to save stuff up. And anyways, I have a ton of mounts in my gift box that will literally last me for weeks (7-day KIFG mounts. ^^)
And so, I'm back in the spiral. Slightly shooken up, being everything is still loading, but whatever, I'm in the spiral. Which is strange thinking, because I only got the phone call this morning. Apparently, the computer guy put it on First-Class... which, my mom and I tipped him for... generously. He even carried it out to the car. ^^;
As well as, another hint!
1. It happened around the same time as it is now.
3: Coming Soon!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

*Bops Head to Death Metal Music*

Hey Wizards!
So, I know I'm sorta wizardless..^^;
But about a week ago I sent out a mysterious tweet about planning something with John Lifeglen and Donna Spellthorn..
Can anyone guess it?
There will be 3 hints. ^^
Hint 1: It happened around this time.
Hint 2: ?
Hint 3: ?

Oh, and I'm going to stop signing my posts for now. Mary doesn't blog anymore--I don't have time to remove her from everything yet.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Month Without Magic

Yeah. I go stealing Kestrels title. Sorry Kestrel.
Anyways, before I get into anything else, here's the song of the day (Haven't done this in awhile, have I? :))

So yes... a month without magic. This is the deal:

No. Not the one I'm typing from...
My PC.
The one that has everything on it.
So I'm loosing about 500 of photos, files,games, stories....
This computer is so slow. The spacebar barely works. Wizard101  will not run on this,  even if I ask for permission to download/install it.
Blogger just froze a total of 30 times posting this...
In other words? I'm stuck playing Poke'mon Sapphire and Pinball...(No. I don't know my Poke'mon Friend Code.)
So... yes.
A month without magic.
Back to Poke'mon.

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!
This is the day, for those of you who don't know, that the Declaration of Independence was finalized and published. It stated that we were no longer part of England or any other territories, and we were our own country. Though we didn't start out as exactly as United, we are now more than ever.
Independence Day/4th of July is a patriotic day. We should all fly our flags with pride and joy. We set off fireworks to celebrate.
I hope everyone has a fun and safe Independence Day. I'm going to be quite busy!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wont be posting for a bit

Hey guys, my comp is in for repairs~ so.. I'm on my moms laptop~ and stuff~
4th of July post is presceduled.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

....What the?? o.O

Okay guys. Update here.
Yeah yeah, I said I would be away from the community for a bit due to someone. And then I posted dat.
Memeh~ Ignore my threats to quit, kay?
Anyways, I'm sitting at my moms laptop right now, because my PC is in the repair shop. OMG. I NEED to play some more Fiesta and Wizard101! And stop breathing bird dust from the lenai!
Soo.. err...aftermath of ravenwood ball? Where are those photos? did I upload them to blogger or..?
Oh boy. I didn't. I'll add those later.
Now you're probably thinking many things to do with the title. Firstly, 'why is she blogging?'
Well, I have nothing better to do xD
But yeah. Ravenwood Ball Aftermath. I'm sorta shocked.. and I've come to a conclusion, just as Icywiz has come to:
Fame. Sucks.
There's some good parts. Like, for once, you know that people read your stuff daily. That people like you.
But in most? I really don't conclude myself as famous.
But.. ahhh.. I got a lot of friend requests saying 'OMG You're the Amber Rosepetal right? From The Saviors of the Spiral? I love your blog!!' and simillar things. The whole time I'm sitting there going,
I really dont take flattery well, guys.. ^^
But ah, yeah. I really dont consider myself famous. To knkow I have fans, yeah it's great. But I dont like it sometimes, logging onto ten million wizards whispering me (Or what feels like it..).
Lay off till 5 mins when I get ingame, OK? I've got to load stuff!
Finally, though, the photos of the Ravenwood Ball will be up soon. I did a small livestream, but then got kicked outta Area 1 and decided to take a bath.. *-* Crazy busy! CRAZEH.
I think that concludes it today for me.
(P.S: My mom has Chinese Horoscopes all bookmarked on her laptop.. hence the title.)
(PPs: My photos are being weird today...)