Saturday, July 9, 2011

*So* did not see this one coming

Well, KI has gone and done Fairy Wings. I really didn't see this one coming, because it has to mess with the projects I'm doing! EEK! I just hope someone gifts me a 7 day or something.. they really need 1-day'ers.
What am I doing, asking for gifts?  I logged on today to find this:
Staff from John

Leperchaun and Leperchaun from Donna and John!

Oh, and I've got more news. More!? Yep.
You may note I just logged on.
Yes, it's true. My PC is back, and in BETTER than brand-spanking new condition. New video card + fan, almost like straight out of the factory. It's neat! But... I need to make more backgrounds and stuff before I start with anything...(If you have recomended desktop backgrounds, I'd love it if you dropped me a comment with the link. They're moderated, so I'm probably going to delete them afterwards.^^).

The KI Free Games craze, woah, Omae. I still cannot get into the 20,000 points mark.. I need a staff.. or a blade.. mostly a unicorn.
I mean, who DOESN'T want a unicorn!?  They're the only girly thing you can get away with on a clean slate...
Cause it's a unicorn, that's why!
Well, anyway, I doubt I'll be trying the Fairy Wings just yet. I need to save stuff up. And anyways, I have a ton of mounts in my gift box that will literally last me for weeks (7-day KIFG mounts. ^^)
And so, I'm back in the spiral. Slightly shooken up, being everything is still loading, but whatever, I'm in the spiral. Which is strange thinking, because I only got the phone call this morning. Apparently, the computer guy put it on First-Class... which, my mom and I tipped him for... generously. He even carried it out to the car. ^^;
As well as, another hint!
1. It happened around the same time as it is now.
3: Coming Soon!

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