Monday, July 4, 2011

A Month Without Magic

Yeah. I go stealing Kestrels title. Sorry Kestrel.
Anyways, before I get into anything else, here's the song of the day (Haven't done this in awhile, have I? :))

So yes... a month without magic. This is the deal:

No. Not the one I'm typing from...
My PC.
The one that has everything on it.
So I'm loosing about 500 of photos, files,games, stories....
This computer is so slow. The spacebar barely works. Wizard101  will not run on this,  even if I ask for permission to download/install it.
Blogger just froze a total of 30 times posting this...
In other words? I'm stuck playing Poke'mon Sapphire and Pinball...(No. I don't know my Poke'mon Friend Code.)
So... yes.
A month without magic.
Back to Poke'mon.

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