Tuesday, January 24, 2012


FIRST OF ALL- Yes I know, I have quit the blogger community but I just HAD to post this.

IT IS MARY! OK! So as all of you have probably noticed, this site has been down for quite a while. It had somehow been shut down and no one could access it because it was just.....gone. Link


Honestly, I still dont get it, but the domain name thing ran out on this acount, so I guess blogger decided to shut it down or something until we got the free version (Which is why you see .blogspot at the end of the url now, :( ) So ANYWAYS, I was bored and i've been sad (irl problems, please don't ask) and I figured it out and now ITS BACK UP AGAIN! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

*mini dance party*

Right now, Amber doesn't know that it's up yet (Well unless she randomly decided to look the site up in the past 20 minutes after I uploaded it...........HI AMBER!!! :D) but I'm so happy to show everyone that this is back ^_^

Although I POSSIBLY wont post on this anymore, if I do get back more into the game (Im level 64, hehe ^_^) then I might make a few posts :D I am not sure if Amber will post on this anymore or on her own blog, but I am happy that we have this URL back ^_^

So anyways, Welcome back ^_^

-Mary Dreamshade

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