Tuesday, June 28, 2011

....What the?? o.O

Okay guys. Update here.
Yeah yeah, I said I would be away from the community for a bit due to someone. And then I posted dat.
Memeh~ Ignore my threats to quit, kay?
Anyways, I'm sitting at my moms laptop right now, because my PC is in the repair shop. OMG. I NEED to play some more Fiesta and Wizard101! And stop breathing bird dust from the lenai!
Soo.. err...aftermath of ravenwood ball? Where are those photos? did I upload them to blogger or..?
Oh boy. I didn't. I'll add those later.
Now you're probably thinking many things to do with the title. Firstly, 'why is she blogging?'
Well, I have nothing better to do xD
But yeah. Ravenwood Ball Aftermath. I'm sorta shocked.. and I've come to a conclusion, just as Icywiz has come to:
Fame. Sucks.
There's some good parts. Like, for once, you know that people read your stuff daily. That people like you.
But in most? I really don't conclude myself as famous.
But.. ahhh.. I got a lot of friend requests saying 'OMG You're the Amber Rosepetal right? From The Saviors of the Spiral? I love your blog!!' and simillar things. The whole time I'm sitting there going,
I really dont take flattery well, guys.. ^^
But ah, yeah. I really dont consider myself famous. To knkow I have fans, yeah it's great. But I dont like it sometimes, logging onto ten million wizards whispering me (Or what feels like it..).
Lay off till 5 mins when I get ingame, OK? I've got to load stuff!
Finally, though, the photos of the Ravenwood Ball will be up soon. I did a small livestream, but then got kicked outta Area 1 and decided to take a bath.. *-* Crazy busy! CRAZEH.
I think that concludes it today for me.
(P.S: My mom has Chinese Horoscopes all bookmarked on her laptop.. hence the title.)
(PPs: My photos are being weird today...)

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  1. You do? All the times I've been with you that never happened...

    Anyways, I sort of get that, but only with bloggers I've friended me with at parties.

    I don't mind it...it gets kinda annoying but I'm not you lol *shrugs*

    Well, just my 1 cent. (A lot less then 2)



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