Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh, snap!

[Eheh.. I forgot to put up the picture.. sorry. ^^ I'll get to that after breakfast.]
[[OK. Heck with that. I smell bacon.]]
[[[OK, it's after breakfast now.. there was bacon. Lets get on with this post already!!]]]
It was more like brunch..
Short, FYI. I'm not sure what Hint 3 will be, but it certainly will be a photo.  Before you start guessing, please read this post (cause it explains everything I was going to anyway):
Yeah :D
Alas, though, this secret project isn't as carefully planned out as Autumn's , I'm hoping it'll be something *fun*. (Not to say all her suspense WASN'T fun, it just was sort of strange to see HiaG all... weirded out, no?)
Hint #3 will be up in a few days. I still need to plan everything. Oh dear, where did that bowl go..?
There's a lot I need to do.. and I'm not even started!
Gotta run.

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