Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Bit More Into This Cause You Lazy Dumbbuttts Just Looked At The Phrase "Swearing Like a Sailor" And Missed The Entire Point

Well, it seems I need to go further in my issue, because it's obvious who made me quit.
But lets take a time travel?
'Who did this..'
I added Nick to Skype.
Nick made CLC quit.
Nick did some other crap.. xD
Nick temporarily left. ._.
4Th generation Skypies joined cause they thought what I tweeted out from Skype was funny.
Crap happened and it involved me doing dirty work cause I was screwed anyway.
Jazz 'n' Jordan leave.

Guess who that alll links back to?

Yup. You all can stop telling the people I most look up to how horrible, mean, selfish and b~~~~y.
I get it.
You guys hate me.
You can stop thinking 'Oh this is just her sob story' and crap. Cause honestly it is, but it's what I DM Mary every night. Sometimes it becomes bad enough I start drawing my own blood, or holding a knife to that hollow thing called my heart.
And when I make the '._.' face, it means I wanna take my frowned upon emo self and jst shrink to the size of a ant. It would hurt less if someone stepped on me.
And then I'd get the trampling I derseve.
I'm not doing this for sympathy or crap. I'm doing it cause, well, if my reputation's already shot, why not?


  1. I completely respect your decision on leaving Amber. That reminds me of why I left last year though what happened to me was a bit of a more irl issue. Anyway I am not gonna be one of those people that begs you to not quit, because I am sure that all of us are quite capable of choosing when its right for us to leave. Oh well, at least I'll get to meet you at the Ravenwood Ball(hopefully). Be looking for for a level 60 Conjurer named Morgrm Battlegem in Marleybonian type clothes(blue, with a feather hat) and a Mastermind badge. Thats all I got.

    ~~~The Prince of Myth Morgrim Battlegem (AKA Garrett Dayhand)

  2. teen drama i tell you, this is why i never get involved in it.


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