Monday, June 20, 2011

See You Around

Hey everyone...
Well, since my last post, Mary and I were talking. Mary brought me up outta that.. hole? (lolz)
I don't think I like this community right now.
A lot of you guys are really nice. Trust me, there's a lot of people I'm going to miss.
Amber is going to be leaving the Wizard101 Community.
I don't know for how long. Maybe till I can figure out what next to do.
The reason?
Well, it has to do with.. rules. I mentioned last post about a reputation. I've noticed on how.. well, it's not all that great.
It puts a LOT of restraint on me in this place lately. I haven't quite been able to say what I want to say lately because of those restraints. In real life, when I'm with my friends, I curse like a sailor. At the end of every post I'll go and replace these curse words with kid friendly phrases. It's frustrating. It really is.
And.. just.. honestly, there's some people in this community I'd like to get away from. From my point of view, it's a more watered down version of my old school. Still, it's there.
I might come back later when I get past this. You'll still see me in the spiral, but I won't really be talking to many people-- just a select few who had nothing to do with this and/or have the same issue.
Thanks for listening to my rants, posts of joy, spam, issues, opinions, crazieness...

P.S: I will be at the Ravenwood Ball. I'm not gonna miss it, you insane people!!


  1. Oh Amber, we will miss you. Also your blog is to have fun. You can curse all you want(but we might not put you on our bloggers list). Your blog is your blog. I am not saying don't leave. Just wanted you to know that. I respect that you have the courage to just walk away. I know I wouldn't

  2. awww, Amber we will miss you a ton! (I will)I agree with you though, the internet is where I say anything I want, 'cause no-one knows it was me!


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