Sunday, April 17, 2011


BUNNY SUIT AND I'M LIKE "LUCK FOR YOU-OU-OU!!!" :D Buenos dias Wizards!!!! Sorry for not posting in a week but in the past week, a bunch of updates have arrived from all over the Spiral :D The amulets in the test realm are now in the live realm and all of the special mounts that weren't available! Like the Moon, Sun, And Star ponies that are now available in the game :D So the game has a lot of new rthings that have been added and a lot of people are buying them all and you see quiet a lo0t of people on mounts :D The spiral is all happy and going in order!!!! :D

I was recently thinking if I should submit my blog to KingsIsle again to see if I can be an official Wizard101 blog! I am going to put a poll and ask YOU GUYS if I should submit it in and I am only going to keep it up one day xD So yeah, just tell me what you think ----->

It's this time of the year again, EGGBURT HAS ARRIVED IN THE SPIRAL!!!!!! YAY! Yes, Eggburt, who comes once a year around Easter time!!! Last year, the only thing that he used to sell was just a bunch of wands with a bunch of Bunnies and duckies and Eggs xD But now, the Pet Egg which a lot of people have been mixing for and taken a lot of time to make their pets adults, is now being sold by Eggburt! He has the Egg Pet as the one pet that he sells and I also find that really cool because now, you can buy it for only 2,000 crowns :D That is only about 4 dollars so I think that all of you should be able to buy such an awesome thing :D

Also, regarding Easter in the Spiral, THERE I A NEW COSTUME!!!! Yeppers, a new BUNNY costume has arrived into the Crowns Shop!!! I don't remember how much it costs but it is a bit much but it looks AWESOME! Here is a picture of Friendly in the costume (I went to his blog, saved his header and then cut out the pic of him xD):

BUNNIES!!!! Okay, so that is the super awesomeness put right there for all of you to see :D So yeah, BUNNIES ROCK!!!

I know that I don't talk about Skype Wizards much, but I felt like telling you guys this. As you probably already know, we have sort of like, a group of bloggers/Youtube wizards in Skype. We have our own little group, only for kids :D There's Amber, Ben, Nick, Alia, David, Amy, Sam, Donna, Alura, Mason, Jessica, Marissa and I , plus a lotmore kids that come on just sometimes. Well anyways, you guys know that most of us enjoy watching anime and reading manga right? (Both are Japanese things. Anime is Japanese animation and manga is the Japanese comic books) Well Alia Lotuspetal and are doing this whole manga on the Skype wizards :D We realized, with all of the things happening in Wizard101, it's sort of like a manga :D So we are going to create a manga about our lives as Wizards in the MMORPG Wizard101 :D So........yeah, it's gonna be awesome :D

Well, in the Blogsphere, there hasn't really been anything exciting that would be happening at the moment, exception for the updates in the Live Realm. Though, some bloggers, I know they are thinking of hosting a contest on their own like, for Treasure Cards and things like that :D

You know, I just noticed, not a lot of people are caring for Treasure cards at the moment o.OI haven't really heard anything on them at the moment but still, I think that with new updates and things, they will probably make a bunch of new spells and add more cards that can be SUPER AWESOME!!! What about a card for each Wizard101 world? o.o That would be cool :D

So............that's pretty much what has been happening for some time now, so I think that this is the end of the post........xD Okay, ADIOS WIZARDS!!!!

-Shady :)

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