Wednesday, April 13, 2011


@Sarah_Jade No, I am learning the language because I watch too much anime.. xD

Hey everyone!
So I am sitting here straight after FCAT, with my friends IRL Jaiden, Patrick, and Gary.. xD
We're listening to Japanese music :3
And, um, yeah. We're bored and waiting for lunch... >.<
Now  it's Shugo Chara songs <3
lol, Anime talk!
Anywho, if you wanna meet gary he got a skype -w-
Buono is awesome -w-
I've been getting a lot of comments saying about how this blog is really random now.. well guess what, you're talking to the two randomest girls here. DEAL WIT IT FOO!
Nyuu....Were anime talking :)
I guess my randomness is a distraction.. oh well, be happy! I'm happy!
Now I am starting to sound like Loano off her rocker.. -_-''
Ehh Imma go read.. BAI

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