Monday, February 21, 2011


Throughout all lengths, I have a right.
Dustin, Leesha, Duncan D... going.
This saddens me.
 It really does.
And to think I've been with you for nearly a year.. another time for change.
In this case, I've found myself more depressed as I play Wiz. I miss the old days, where it wasn't so crazy. Days took forever. Now, they fly by. I miss the calmity and urgency of whisper chat.. small groups. Now it's a giant group. Crazy and laid back at the same. We're a oxymoron, we fight but then we have the most fun. We're laid back but crazy. We clash and mix, the red and blue becoming the purple.
I still miss the old days in the way of it never used to be this.. just the dark side and the light side, as I might put it. Recently, someone who is important to me by the max commented.
Kevin Owlgem.
One of my starter friends.
To see a starter friend these days is rare.. there's hardly enough time for them, though. You guys keep me constantly busy.
We're a river, and I'm a leaf, constantly being pushed and thrown into new, exciting things, forgetting the old things and leaving behind it.
Anyways, Kevin is a dear friend to me. He was banned by a person I would rather not mention, because it's a long story.
I just want to put out a note for him:
@Kevin: I do not have a xBox. I have a DSi. Are you coming back to Wiz? I really hope you do. Victoria is gone for as long as I can see. We still have the buggar, but that is small.. Miss you, a lot. Please come back, though!

This post was just mainly to get something out of my system. I dunno if it makes much sense, but hey, it helps me.



  1. This doesn't mean you are quitting...again, right? Have fun with whoever you want, no one is forcing you to have fun with others :). Btw, no WizWars have happened lately and there's still plenty to do. Every once in a while we'll have people going, but don't let it get you down ~ Arlen

  2. thats poetry man. P-o-e-t-r-y.

  3. I agree... I miss the old days :( I got a bad example when I got text as a noob..... I was at the waterfalls in triton at the kraken with my new text and well Lets just say! 30 peole were down there yelling and cursing each other out...I MISS NOOBISM TO!


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