Thursday, February 17, 2011


Kon'nichiwa, wizards.
I have found a new game you guys.. it's called RIFT.
This game is like the game that shall not be named AKA WoW.
I think I am finally settling out of my own bubble where I go for kids games into hardcore games. They are more fun.
Lately, I have been trying to get myself back into Wizard101. I have been going on fullscreen and working on Cori. No distractions.
Even that doesn't feel applealing though.
I only get to check my garden nowadays.. and even that is tedious.
I feel like H2O. I am finding interests in different games and stuff.
Another damper is that Leesha is taking a break.
Even if the person who is taking her place is Fallon D, I still am sad. Even if I don't know Leesha well. It still bugs for anyone to leave, because IRL can go---
I've got to go.


  1. Don't feel so bad :).

    If you've been reading our (Fin and mine) blog at all, you would know that I play WoW, and am having the same deal as you between it and Wizard101. You WILL be able to play them both. Here's what you got to do.

    1: If you think Rift is fun, by all means, play it! Take a week long break from Wizard101, and play Rift. You will be all ready to play Wizard101 again afterwords.

    2: Don't try to force yourself to not play Rift. Play a little, then play Wizard101, play some Rift, and go back to Wizard101.

    3: You WILL get control over what game to play. When I started WoW, I couldn't play Wizard101. Now I play them both equally. It takes some time and patience. You can become an active player in both of them. Don't just shrug off Rift because it isn't Wizard101.

    Rift is in a completely different league then Wizard101. Its perfectly okay for you to spend some time playing it. You are an avid player of Wizard101. You have a blog. You enjoy the game. It will take a lot of effort on Rift's part to completely pull you from playing Wizard101.

    Nevertheless, don't completely forget about Wizard101. I didn't say that there is no chance Rift will take you from Wizard101. Unless you at least try to play some Wizard101 eventually, you may end up leaving it. If you can still click the Wizard101 icon without thinking, "I could be playing Rift", however, you have a while before you get to that point.


  2. There's still Housing, maybe? I'm way too hung up on that :P (farming for pets, housing, all day). lol, if you want, I can find another Fire wizard for the Phoenix TCs :)

  3. Hey its Kev Owlgem/Cody if you want to se me again if you have an X-BOX 360 add jigsaw217 to your friends and ill add you to amber from Kevin Owlgem/Cody so yeah i you wanna see me and you have an xbox 360 just send jigsaw217 a friend request to amber rosepetal


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