Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sorry for not posting, I've been busy........ OKAY!

So, as you guys have seen, they are going to take away some things from the Crowns Shop! O_O I know, sadness! So, here is what it says on the game thing:

Last Chance!
The following mounts will soon be removed from the Crown Shop & Zeke: White Mare, Purple Glider, Faithful Dragoness. Better get them before they are gone!

So......yeah! The White Mare is the white horse. the Purple Glider is the one that broom that has the purple star at the end of it. The Faithful Dragoness is the Pink dragon that looks like it is like, part cotton candy :P Since it's the same colors lol So, if you want to get one of these amazing mounts, you better get them before they leave FOREVA! o: lol So...yeah lol

I think that KingsIsle will be removing most things from the Crowns Shop until there is nothing left in there :( But that is just what I think that is going to happen, I am not sure if that is the case or not. But they already took away the Red Gobbler and some other pets so I think that something big is going to happen.

Also, I'm sure that the Test Realm will soon be put into Live Realm. It's been long enough for it to just be Test Realm so I think that in the future, it will be a great hit!

I can not show you any pictures of the test realm at this moment because sadly, I haven't even been in there yet! I think that people that do not have membership are not able to enter so that's sad. I have seen a few pictures of the outside of the house so I think that it looks great and that it will look great when you are inside it or actually in the house on Test :D

We also have a few wizards leaving the Spiral. Dustin Mooncatcher and Leesha Darkheart are ending their time as wizards and going on and about with their real life :( Dustin was a really nice wizard, he was like, really awesome! He is David Titanrider's cousin and a great person to have a chat with! Leesha Darkheart ran Ravenwood Radio with her friend Stephen Spiritcaller. She was great at making the podcasts and really being descriptive in her tellings of the game. We ill all miss them all and they will probably leave a few last words before they leave permanently.

I think the problem is that Wiazrd101 is getting sort of boring. With nothing new coming in or anything, some people are getting bored with it and leave. Others have In Real Life problems, such as having to improve in grades for school, or they can't really pay for any membership or are grounded and things like that. Some people have a full schedule for that day and don't have time to play on the computer and things like that. I think that Leesha and Dustin probably got bored or because of the economic times, couldn't really pay for membership. Here are links to their blogs/podcasts that I think might both be continued with the partner they had had to make it possible.


I wish good luck to David Titanrider and Stephen Spiritcaller to see if they can still keep up the great blogs/podcasts and keep it running. I really enjoy both of them and really hope that they will still stay in the future.

There have been a lot of things happening in the spiral. Many bloggers are leaving that are dear friends to most of us. I really hope that they all stay on Skype or on Twitter or Facebook for good times sake. I understand that you might not be able to play the game but at least stay in touch with beloved friends :)

So, I think that that's enough for today so :) See you all later in the spiral :)

-Shady :)

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  1. Just so you know, Leesha isn't leaving forever (common misconception). She said "for a little while" so don't worry. But Dustin & David will be missed truly, although they will still be around (just not ITS)


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