Friday, February 25, 2011

Japanese Fiestas

Konnichiwa, everyone!
Today I bring good news.. and a bit of bad news, sadly. But that bad stuff goes at the end of the story.
The Saviors of The Spiral is nearly one year old!
This March 16th, I'll have already been with the blogging community. It really excites me, one year already gone.. amazing to me, really. Time has fly-en.
Through the year I have met a community and got to know it unlike any other.. it's really amazing.
In the beginning, it was just me, a advertising spamming newb. I went to Samuel Watercaster's party, and I gotta thank him mentally for letting me spam and adding me. I met so many people and supporters there, it was really nice.
From there, I had to remake.. stupid Chinese/Japanese spammer.. it's odd that later on, I used to hate those cultures but now I love them.
To put it in short, a lot has changed.
I used to be quite bitter, now you guys have me sweet.. get me?
Anyway, to celebrate the Blogerversery, we're having a party!
Uuh.. does anyone notice how weird it is that I keep forgetting Mary...?

The Saviors Of The Spiral 1st Blogerversery
Port bus: Unicorn Way, unicorn park (the statue)
Place: Amber's redecorated MFP
Time: 6:00 Est, (5, 4, 3,)

Okay, Shady edit here, the party is on March 16 if you didn't really see the thing at the top. It isn't mentioned on the little banner so....yeah


  1. I'll be coming Amber! :)
    The funny thing is that March 16th is my birthday.

  2. Hey, Amber! Just here to say hi!
    What realm is it in???? (the party)
    Remember the guy who attended the "random party" in post random party on october 9, 2010?
    Go check it.

    Rememeber the guy that wore the red-yellow masked mooshu hat, red-yellow samurai robe, King Zeus adult Burnzilla, Marleybone balance staff, and Mary Dreamshade was there?
    That's me, The Heroic Pyromancer, Talon Thunderblade.
    See you ITS...


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