Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Has Now Become of Wizard101........

At first, Wizard101 used to be an exciting game for free to play members that enjoyed it. They liked it so much, the got sub just to continue on into the game. But now, if you have realized all of the changes that Kings Isle has made into Wizard101, you may have noticed that almost each one of them is to get money. The mounts: to buy crowns with real money for the mounts that are Crowns-Only. New World: So our crowns players will spend their crowns on new worlds, still buying them with their money from irl. Gift Cards: To buy them and the money still goes to Kings Isle. Pet Expansions: For people to buy the crowns pets and when they run out of money, then they get Pet Energy. Planting: The same reason.
What has become of this friendly game is unbearable, people are deciding to quit over little things. This game is never going to return at how it was before.
For all of you who remember the time with Zeke still selling things, the fountain in Fiona Ashblood's honor of joining and making us start to shine, (I actually saw her once in KT when I was still a newbie :D I was like HI!!!!) before the mounts and when pets were still little decorations for everyone to have. When the dorms were prettier, the spirits were higher, the more friends, the new experiences, the feeling of excitement when you realize at the beginning that the game has first given you 101 crowns to spend on whatever, that was what made the game, Wizard101, special.
Most of you have already heard about the expansion in the game, where you have to pay yourself in just to be able to chat with friends without having to use caps and stuff. I understand Kings Isle does it for your safety, but if you know this generation of kids, parents always sit at the computer by their younger children, most of us know how to take care of ourselves. My best friends in the game, I didn't even tell them what country I lived in after months of being friends and chatting every day. (Now we chat on Skype and stuff and I know that they are not stalkers) I think that we are safe. But then again, there are those people, always has to be in the commons, screaming out cuss words and horrible things. I think Kings Isle should hire some people to go to the commons every day and check what is going on there and moniter it. My friend Ed stays there every day and tries to calm the horrible people down before even reporting them for their foul language. Most of us can take care of ourselves.
Right now, I don't have money to pay for the game, we can't get membership for me until probably my birthday, which is some time from now. I really do not think that it is fair to the people that pay for the game by using crowns because then they still the chat. And I do realize that people do change their age to get open chat like I did and probably most of us kid bloggers did but what about the people who can handle it, or the people that ARE over eighteen. I don't know about you, but I really think that it is unfair to those people.
Also, I mentioned on Twitter and Skype that I might be leaving. But both are different reasons. See, for this thing, I wasn't as angry as I was when Kings Isle told us about the Celestia thing and it took them 2 years to make and it was a disappointment when it wasn't as good as I thought it'd be. Or when they made maintenance for over 12 hours and they didn't even change a thing to the game, making it a lot of a mad mob than it was for Celestia. Yes, Kings Isle can be unfair in many ways that we don't like. But I am staying here. That is the reason with the Twitter. The thing I said on Skype is about how my dad can't pay for this, so I don't know if I'll be able to actually regularly play again until a few months into the future, which might be a long time. But I am not leaving. I am staying right here with my feet planted to the ground *TAKES NAILS AND HAMMERS AND A PIE TO BRING ALONG WITH ME*

So, anymore questions?

-Shady :)


  1. Yep I remember when I first join before the first update. It was super fun. Beside the fact I didn't read the directions. Then they started changing everything. Zeke now sells mounts instead of sick garments. Those really cool clothes that are crowns is now gold. Ki is disappointing us players more and more.

  2. I Started Early too, I dont think that this is all bad but what irratates me the most is the fact that almost every thing worth having is now auction, no trade, crowns only, LvL XX+, no sell.
    And now everything they add now is for crowns players.. Another thing that slightly irratates me is the fact gift card buyers pay more then internet buyers for their subscriptions and get less privilages then the internet ones (Ie, open chat, forums acess, ect...)


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