Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post from school (+ a more civillized Amber)

Okay, so, yeah. I'm posting. Big deal, some people took the giant words.
I said until I can scrap up the money.
Right now I have 20 bucks, but my mum says I need 50$ (Or more.. 60 would be nice for the membership-for-a-year deal..)  to get a Visa gift card. Those things are nice, they work.
*Deep breath*
From the comments, I won't name people. For their sake, because I'm still sane enough.
I know this quitting thing seems monthly, I honestly don't mean to do that. Remember, I can't quit. Why? Cause I go completely insane. Seriously, heh.
OMG. Dylan just said "Holy cheeznugget". xD
Okay, so anyways, I am really sorry for annoying you all. I was pretty.. um... PO'ed about that yesterday. Frustrated.
Aah, I've got to go soon.
So, yeah, until my Visa gift,
(Um, I'll prob. edit later, this is a very odd post.)

1 comment:

  1. Odd is ok. That feeling of being odd is what is wrong. Shoot, reading a civilized post is making me civilized. Errrr.......

    Nathaniel Emeraldleaf


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