Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Amber's been up to!

Hello Wizards!
Today I found myself in a green mood.. and I have a obsession for trees in Wizard101. Cherry Blossom, palm, shrub, you name it.
To cure my boredem and lack-of-green, I redecorated my house:
Tent House Forest

A secluded resting area.. my head is covering the mushroom '-_-

View of the river

Meh garden!

Swimming hole


View of inside

Teachers area

View of students desk area

Sitting lounge upstairs

Bedroom upstairs
That was for about 40,000 gold :)
On the other hand, I'm in progress of working on my Watchtower Hall. Yes, the giant crafting house. So far, I only have two things done.. and trust me, it's a lot of reagents. I also still have to craft my fairegrounds house...
Also, I need to craft my gear.  Despite the health deduction, it has WAY better stats.
Yes, I am one of those people who set out way too many goals for themselves and usually don't get them done for MONTHS.
This post is done.

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