Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amber is Legendary! (And where is Shady lately? -_-')

Yes, It is true! I am a legendary!
So, I have a question.
Should I go and finish Celestia while I don't earn XP?
Or should I wait until level 70 is released?
For now, though, I am working on crafting the Watchtower Hall.
Also, I am going to explain something. In several of my blog posts, I have threatened to quit, sadly.
But, I have made a desicion.
And to be clear...
I will not be leaving until every single character meets these requrements:
  • Level 60 (legendary)
  • All epic pets
  • Watchtower hall
  • Grandmaster  Artisan
  • Fully Furnished Houses
And so yes, that will take me FOREVER. Knowing the money I have both IRL and ingame is scarce xD

Also, a special note to Heather Emeraldflame. Though Heather and I didn't talk that much, I still look up to her.
You know how some things come back and bite you in the butt?
Well, I am very sad to say if I knew her health I wouldn't have removed her.
So, bittersweet today.
Thank you for reading this.
This post is over.

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