Friday, January 7, 2011

Something I Realized..............

Well, I just bought a little Golem pet, right? Well I look at his hat and realize something. It looks like a real Night cap for the Starry Night Night Cap hat thing lol The hat that everyone had a chance to get the other day and it had the stars on it lol Well I realized, that must have been where they got the idea of the design, look at it!

lol Alright, I admit, not a very good picture BUT YOU CAN SEE MY POINT lol

Also, I have noticed that a lot of people haven't been seeing so many pet drops in Celestia! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT, KI! lol The only one I have heard of was a boss in Stormriven Hall that gave the little Turtle pet which can also be bought at the crowns shop and the shop in the CL commons. So, if anyone has seen a pet drop in CL, then leave a comment so everyone will know :)

Also, in the Wizard101 Ringtones, they added THE CELESTIA MUSIC OF FURY o: lol So, here is the link:

-Shady :)

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