Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, what happened was......

Okay, so we sent the blog in for approval to see if they both qualified to be Fansites. Alia made it. Not us.
KI gave us a chance, to see if we could improve the blog a lot better in a month. That means posting new things every day (or at least week) and make it full with more info


Lately, in the game, I have realized that I haven't seen a lot of people with that lobster mount of the Sea Horse. KI, lower the prices. 12,500 is way to much crowns JUST for one mount! Sure, it is good to get more people to get it and buy crowns and stuff, but if you make the prices TO high, people wont buy them (Btw, I have heard complaints about the Sea Horse mount, it doesn't look that much like one and in my suggestion, it's too tall)

Gardening was also a great surprise in the game! Being able to have your own garden with plants is wonderful! Except a few exceptions........ The plants always want things and we spend the energy to fast! Every few hours, they want something new! I'm not really saying to lower the plants or anything, or make the energy higher. What I am saying is that change the time thing for more energy! Almost 10 minutes just to get one, I think we all agree it's way to much.

Now, something that all people like are the new Celestian house items! Only maybe a few people could complain about that! They are completely AMAZING and they are well made! From shark huts to spears, all people around the Spiral love them! They also look good with anything! Any setting or place, you will see that at least one furniture will fit in!

Wizard101 is an amazing game with yet things to come, I can't wait :)

-Shady :)

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