Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From Pie Loving Necromancer-

Well, everyone here likes new things to be added into the game! Especially new worlds! There has been a rumor around that they are going to make Candy Land, the side world for high levels. So here are my predictions to what we might see:

1) New Mounts: Great mounts for Candy World would be a bunch of floating candy! Since Candy World like, MUST have candy, what about juts a mount simply made out of one? That would be a good idea but it might be weird how it moves..........A CANDY CANE CAN BE LIKE A BROOM O: lol Just a little guess

2) Enemies: If Candy Land were to exist, then it were the home of the first Gobblers, the ones in Wizard City just descendants. They would be a lot harder and probably fairies will be on our side?

3) Faries: Well, Greyrose is rumored to have come from Candy Land, I am not sure about saying that she is from Candy Land though, but she might have. If she is on our side, then the Fairy people over there like, must be on our side then! lol THEY HAVE TO BE! lol So........yeah..........

4) Crafting: Crafting things in a Candy Land might sound a bit hard. Especially, you have to know what things are reagents and what aren't. Also, what things to craft! I really do not know what to expect or if I decided, what to do, I really do not know.

Also, in Gardening things, I have seen some major plants :D And gardens are amazing! There are a lot of people really working hard out there to have a beautiful garden and it is :D OH I GTG TO SCHOOL, AAAAH! lol Cya Later!

-Shady :)

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  1. The mount idea seems pretty dumb, but Greyrose said that her witch sisters lured children with candy to eat them, (eeeeeeww!) but since Greyrose got born wif fairy blood she was good so she helped the children escape, so maybe the NPC's could be children and fairies, and some of the bosses could be witches.


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