Thursday, January 20, 2011

Training + Gardening

So lately I've had this brewing in my head. Note I'm at school again, I am a bit busy at home.
Training. As in, pets.
Pet training is something that both annoys me and makes me want to hug the person who got the idea. In the way it annoys me, is that I run out of snacks and energy too quick...
What is good about it though is that you can train your pets to get cool spells, like Spirtley
You can train your pets to give you things in battle. My Fierce hound, Luna, manifested it at teen.
To have an epic pet, it is truly epic. Compliments, spells, health, mana, and derby all go up.
There are a few types of mini-games:
Gobbler Drop
Gobbler drop is where you must control your pet and match the shadows. If you used to do the KBB challenge, you know what to do. 
Maze game
There's enough said. Collect the snacks till the time runs out.
Cannon game
Launch your pet and try to make it hit the giant target. Black is on the edge, blue is OK, red is so close, and yellow is BULLS EYE!
Dance Game
Watch the screen. You will see a pattern of arrows. You have ten seconds to match is perfectly. Three losses and the game is over, three wins and you get XP.


In the derby, you can race your pets. From training, you get special abilities. You can use Leech to take away others morale, or use the up arrow to speed up.

1. Join a derby
2. Accept it
3. Push  ↑ arrow
4. Use one of your talents
5. Race
6. Keep pushing ↑
7. Win the race. Or loose.

Gardening is something that I especially like.  It's in partner with Gardening, so much so that it gives snacks, reagents, XP, and even MORE seeds.

1. Plant a seed
2. Wait a few days
3. Give your plant it's needs by clicking a spell in the garden interface, then clicking the plant in need
4. Harvest when Mature and it says it's ready
5. Wait
6. Repeat 2-5
7. You can either harvest your elder plants for a boatload of XP, or keep them as decoration. They look like ghosts.

I hope this helps everyone!

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