Friday, January 21, 2011

I've Been Working On The Railroad..........

Oh so early in the morning........ lol Yup, every morning I get up to go on the game and treat my plants and do mini games and yes, I am still in my pajamas lol A lot of people get up early to either go to work or go to school. I need to go to school in a few hours so.....yeah but I am waiting for my sister to give me my turn in the shower lol Well, let's talk about Gardening, if you ever see your little plant dancing all of the sudden, then it's ready to harvest! lol There are A LOT of different ways that plants dance, but they look more like spaz attacks sometimes lol I know the dragon plant does like, this dance were it turns around in circles and moves his wings all around lol And the little Bread Bushes all sort of, hop dance lol and the silver trumpet line sort of moves the trumpets all around lol Well anyways, how I was saying, it's a great time to do a lot of things in the morning!
I know that the best time to farm reagents is in the middle of the night (SOOO not gonna do that) and in the morning! So, if you really need to farm for reagents, then it's a good place to farm!!!! :D
And also, BAZAAR SHOPPING! *Jazz Hands* lol Sometimes, it might be the best time to do something, but for shopping for like reagents and gold, it isn't lol You might not have to worry about all of those people that always buy like, the LAST RARE ITEM! lol With not a lot of people around, there are the best possibilities to get them lol
I am not saying that you NEED to get on early, I am just saying what you can do :P I am still a bit sleepy so I didn't know what to write about :P lol So......yeah lol
Also, if you haven't thought about it yet, they are going to be assigning new Student Teachers soon! So that means that Amber and I need to pack our bags and give the awesome crowns of overlordness of Death and Fire to some other awesome Overlord peoples that will win :D :) So.....keep your eyes out about that! around the Spiral! :)

-Shady :)

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