Friday, January 7, 2011

My issue with W101

Eh, first of all, I'mma tell you I am on a school computer again.. yeah, my computer at home is down. 
So, if anything, I am stuck here watching Serena Wikipedia the 13 colonies for one of our projects. And..
Wait why is she Wiki'ing Lady Gaga?
So anyways,  my issue with Wizard101.
It's not anything bad, it's just that it's getting...
I am not under any influence of Luke and Cassandra quitting, it is just that I have lost the enchantment I had two years ago when I first started. Mounts, the bazaar, and the new crowns shop.
In general, the crowns shop.
It seems like you have to have money to be cool.
It dissapoints me, really. When the crowns shop came out, I was excited. The new potions were neat, and I tested them in the test realm. 
Now, back to the time when wings came out.
I lost a lot of my original friends due to that. People were dressing up in white outfits and acting like "Angels" When they were really just annoying the crap out of everyone and getting ignored. Lotsa people were actually annoyed, too. But mostly, it gave me a lump because I wouldn't get enough money for one until my birthday, three months away.
But, then my angel from heaven came and granted me some. Out of the blue. And I thank him so much. It really is a shame he got banned.
Then.. the MFP house came out, someodd months later.
I'd been honestly surprised about them making a huge house. My main priority, however, was to save up the money. I'd been saving a lot of money back, and yeah, I had enough. I won't go to the first war, skip over that, but...
The deal is, I get called a noob when I have no mount on. A noob without crowns gear. A noob who isn't yet 60.
And yet, that isn't true.
One of the things though.. the special parts, like actually noticing the game, goes unnoticed for me. It's just a flat screen now.
So maybe I'll take a break?
I am not sure, but if I am ingame it is just for gardening now. There really isnt anything else for me to do.
So, yeah.
Wow, and I wrote this in 10 minuites. =D
I'm bored. I'm gonna go look up Shugo Chara.

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