Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Problem with Gardening Ranks

Well. first of all, the game never tells you when you are close to leveling up in Gardening! Sure, it has the bar that tracks how much you have done, but it never tells you when you are close to leveling up or how much more XP! KI, I think that you guys should really fix that. I mean, seriously! If you don't know when you're even going to level up, then what is the point in trying! lol Seriously. lol
Also, you guys know with the level 58 spells? Well, before 48, there are were still the spells that you get by training point from the teachers. Well, what about spells that you get from the teachers from 50-60? I think that it will be a good idea, even for everyone. It would be super awesome to have like, a witch spell and she's on a broom and like hits the enemy with the brrom or the witch spell casts a spell on the person :D lol

-Shady :)

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