Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am Amber Rosepetal.

HAH, So, I realized we never got to do our full biography... mine sort of sucked, being I came from the other blog.
And before you  get mad at me, I'm at that stage where I must change.. in a way, I have a reputation for being the girliest, happiest, smartest girl in the school.
And I seriously want to change that.
Yeah, it was me in like, first grade. First day. Ever since we almost lost my father, things have gone downhill. My aunt went completely after that. That's when I started to go insane, and I was bipolar. (But it was rare, you would see random moodswings.)
Now we have money issues. I'm even more insane than before. I must take therapy lessons.
Well, my wizard history? Okay!
I started out.. aah.. one bored summer vacation, on the phone with my friend. I was like, "OOh. That looks nice.. can't let mummy or daddy see.."
So we managed to get to the level of TEN! Like, yahooey-I-got-to-ten-let's-have-a-party-in-my-unchangable-epic-girl-dorm party.
And then, I had to go.
It was the same morning where I woke up at 6 AM to the phone ringing. I wiggled my tooth loose, and lost my fifth one.
I booted up the computer...
Logged into Wizard101...
And clicked the delete button.
By accident.
There was no abracadabra, and I couldn't remember my girls name.
So I created Amber Rosepetal-leveled fast and hard.
Finally, I went through everything and got chat. Soon as I did though, I was hurt by the word NOOB.
I hate the word NOOB to  this day.
Anyways, I defended myself in Mooshu (Renicknamed Wizpan..that's a story..).
By the time I was at least level 35, the Bazaar came out. I was thrilled:

The pic isn't going on this comp..
I'm on my school laptop, thats why. xD
Anyways, a bored evening I went to --
--Samuel Watercasters party. I spammed my blog. Did random things. Had a blast. Added the Wizard101 Addict (WHO I AM STILL A GREAT FAN OF!! ALIA FTW!!). It was a great night.
And so, therefore, I was born to blogging.
Until some baka Japanese dude spammed my blog and shut it down.
And therefore, the second one, this blog, was born.
Soon I added Shady.
And so now, I spend my time with awesome friends who are just like me who--
SERENA.. STOP READING....She's sitting next to me...--
are supremely awesome. I play a game where I can escape reality and have a better time than real life.
Thanks guys.

But there you go :)

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  1. Good ol opening of the bazaar days. Or is it day?
    -Nathaniel Emraledleaf


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