Wednesday, January 26, 2011


lol Sorry for being afk for some time! lol You might be wondering what the DON DON, DO-O-O-O-O-N!!!!!! Title means. And so do I. I have no clue why I named it that :P
Well anyways, Wizard101 is currently offline, so they must be adding or fixing stuff in the game......MORE DON DON, DO-O-O-O-O-ON of fury! lol Btw, I started watchign another Anime so I might not post from day to day cause I need to finish it lol IT HAS 305 EPIODES lol So...yeah
So um, I wanna say something!!! What I think what is going to happen with the next world that will come out, Kings Isle might keep it a secret from us because they might not want another CELESTIA MOB!!!! ARGH! lol SO they might keep it under folds so no one will know what it is or when it's coming out to make it a big surprise for everyone :D That would be awesome buut I think another mob might happen lol CANDY LAND! SWEET! lol
I was also thinking about what if KI added like, Celestian Plants to grow! o:::::: That would be awesomeness of fury!!! lol That would be really cool to grow all of those underwater plants and stuff. I am also wondering when the new Celestia houses are going to come out. It took a while for the Grizzleheim houses to come to come into the game but I think that they will give us a hint or a clue to what it looks like!!!
Also, what I haven't said about my business is that I am working my way to making my Wraith Epic :D I am a few hundred points away So :P
lol I gtg now so See Y'all in the Spiral!!!


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