Sunday, January 30, 2011


So I guess everyone noticed that I haven't really been talking in a while. I am OBSESSED with this anime, it's great lol Well anyways, I still haven't gotten my membership back :( Well, the other day, Alia Lotuspetal told me to port to her so I did and she told me this little cheat place in Olde Town. No, it's not the stuck-in-the-sewer cheat. It's a new thing. I don't know how to get up there because I ported to Alia and she ported to her friend that ported to her friend.........well you know. Etc. Well, look at these pictures:

TA-DA!!!! lol It is awesomeness of fury!!!

Also, I think that in some time, KingsIsle might put in a big expansion or something. Maybe the Celestian houses or something but idk


lol That seems more like an angel jump or something :P I am like, really bored lol WEll, I'll see y'all in the Spiral!!!


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