Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hehe, sorry

lol Sorry, a bunch of things have been happening lately in school with exams and friends and stuff and today I got a bad cold so I stayed home so..........YEAH lol
WELL, I have been like really bored lately in the irl world and spiral :P Btw, my sub ended so that's why....... yeah lol
Also, I have seen a new pest in the Gardening world! They are rank 4 and rank 5, named Garden Imp and Explosion Gnats. They are evil and I don't have my sub to go the world with the little pest removal thing, GRRR lol
You guys remember the post from some time ago about regarding the Garedning Level thingy? Well, I just realized, the bar at the top when you put on Gardening thing, then it says like how much it is to one new block thing. I realized those are the level because there are 10 of them :P (face palm)
Also, best song EVER:

Hehe, Amber got me to listen to the Japanese version and now I am in love with English version :P She is going to make music video for English and I am going to do Japanese :P
While on that subject, if anyone is wondering how to do a music video on Wizard101, then you will have to use Hypercam and then, once recording the thing and timing the song right, then you will have to download the right version of the song and then go to Windows Movie Maker and put the little clips there and then you have finished your video and like, you may have to save it as a different format but still :P Also, to not get sued for copy right, you have to mention everything you used and that you don't own it, well except the making of video...........yeah you get it :P lol
Well, I need to go eat breakfast so I hope everyone has a great day :)

-Shady :)

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