Sunday, January 16, 2011


lol The reason why I randomly named that post "Garden Gnomes" is because I was just thinking of the little Garden Gnomes that the Gardening dude in Golem Court sells to everyone. You can't pass the gnomes and they are small! A lot of people use them to depart their plants and stuff, right? Well I was thinking, what if we got A LOT of the garden gnomes and made them RACE TRACKS!!!!!!!!! lol We could all have a huge Wizard race and run through it and see who gets there faster! There could be one without mount and then with your choice of mount. Well, you would think, "Why Mary, wont they all go at the same pace?" Well yeah, they will, but I mean, if we make the tracks really curvy and thin, then some people might run into them and stop temporarily, so it might also involve careful precession!!! DON DON DO-O-O-O-N lol I am thinking of doing that one day, probably around my Grizzleheim house or something? A house with an open space! *face palm* Massive Fantasy Palace, why did I say Grizzleheim lol Leave a comment if you think it's a good idea!!!

Also, in other news, DOES ZEKE HAVE CLONES!?!?!?!?!?! lol Yeah I know, KI added little Zekes' around the Spiral to make the wizards go see him but like, they are always around the whole Spiral AT THE SAME TIME!!!! o: lol That's actually a bit creepy, and also that lady that is always along with him! Are they married or something? THEY NEVER LEAVE EACH OTHERS SIDE! lol Sounds like Love Interest!!!! lol That was random lol PICTURE TIME!

THEY LOOK WONDERFUL TOGETHER, DONT THEY lol Well anyways, that's all the time that I have, I have to go eat Breakfast so HAVE A NICE DAY AND I'LL SEE YOU AROUND THE SPIRAL! lol

-Shady :)

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