Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Amber's been up to lately.

Well first of all...
Have you saved a Dove lately?
Well I am currently.
Let's say I've been very earth friendly lately. Recently, I've been wanting to hug pets more. Mostly my bird when she fluffs up.
So, yes. She is unbelievably cute. Her name is Lady, and she's older than me. :-|
So.. the dove. Because I'm not allowed outside at the moment, I have to use description.
His eyes are a sky blue, seriously bright. Brighter than the blue that Skype has or Twitter. He's still brown, a chocolate and coffee color.  He's so cute, he's only a chick.
Gawd, Cody Death-flame has got to stop bugging me while I'm making a post.
Anyways, he's camouflaged, thank you it's fall. Sitting under the tree. See, we decided to save him cause he was shot. At the moment, I am making a band-aid out of  cloth to go on him. My brother cleaned him up so yea, he's sleeping right now. I've got to go clean the smoker out and we're going to put him in there for the night because of a Raccoon could gobble him up like *that*.
Anyways, yesterday on a trip to the pet shop I met three ADORABLE kittens.  They had this little hammock in one of the cages and one was so sleepy while the others were like, [*Jumps on hammock, then tries to grab my silver bangles*]. It was hilarious and so cute! Anyway, one was a calico cat and I gave up a bangle for it. I half expected him to hula-hoop with it. xD
Well anyways, that's what has been up with Amber in real life. On the other hand, back to Wizard101.
Esmee is on the obsidian chest quest. Eek, can you guys find the post where I told you Amy was on that quest? Angela is almost level 19, one bar left.
Not much here. lol
Well I shall see you later. Eat lotsa marshmellows, and the song of the day is...
American Pie
Flip to it, It's the third one. Donna is freaking awesome with music.

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