Wednesday, October 20, 2010


If you wonder why we are named "The Saviors of the Spiral" is because we have both defeated Malistaire. lol HEY I HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT SO I AM WRITING THIS! We have saved the spiral!!! lol Well anyways I was just thinking that at the beginning, Ambrose said SAVE WIZARD CITY! Well you already saved it even if your not a paying player. I think that Ambrose is to lazy to get up and fight on his own. No jk lol, Well he DOES ask some students to do his work so sort of, yeah lol AMBROSE GET OFF OF YOUR LAZY HECK HOUND AND COME HELP! lol Oh well, let's see if he helps later x sigh x I am BORED lol Cya Around the Spiral!


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  1. I do find it funny that Ambrose asks you to do all this work for him, when you're just a student, and before a student, you knew nothing of magic. You even defeat Malistaire "by yourself". And I say by yourself, because despite we play in 4's the game only always recognizes your work, never the teamwork of you and friends, etc. Makes you wonder, where was Ambrose while you were off shooting spells at Malistaire.


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