Monday, October 18, 2010

lol And while I wait for Amber to get back on Skype............

Okay! Well lately, I have been doing a loud of rug bridges while listening to music (WOOT SICK PUPPIES I LOVE THIS SONG lol Sorry, listening to it right now) lol Well i have been making them and today I started in my GH house, which is the big one and I am making like this lounging room on top of all of the things above the water fall :D AWESOMENESS! Well anyways, time is passing by and Celestia is going to be in the live realm faster than you think :D YAY! lol WOOT! NO MORE BORED LEVEL 50's! lol Such as myself lol I AM HEARING THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE SONG NOW LOL Sorry lol I love music OKAY! Well wizards got second place on that thing btw, WoW won lol Well anyways THAT wraps it up today so....yeah lol LATER!


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