Monday, October 18, 2010

While I wait for Mary to get home...

Before anyone yells at me, catch the song of the day. Thanks Simplydazzling from for getting me addicted. :)

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  1. hey, amber. i saw your earlier post (i just started viewing this place) bout the yelling at KI bout the house. k. i understnd it really hard but you cant let a silly game get to you!
    if it does remember your always gonna be valuable no matter what they say and you can live without what other people might think of you.
    just picture yourself... as a queen.. you rule your own land. it has what you what.. your dreams....... no one can crush it not even a big ol jelly fish sent by a little cucumber thingy! so i felt kinda bad so if you were wondering the reason i did that raffle i for all the people getting mad bout the house
    so i really hope ya win one the prizes!



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