Friday, June 11, 2010


Tell me what you think on the new stuff. The header took awhile, since I did it with paint. It was worth it, though! Also, this just came across my Email:

Dear _____,

Thank you for your patience. We have researched last weekend’s operational issues and gone to great lengths to resolve them. We have initiated a reimbursement process for all lost items, which we will be executing over the next 72 hours. We believe this should resolve all outstanding character issues, and in the rare case that we are not able to exactly match any data that was lost, we will err on the side of caution and offer Crowns as compensation. We hope and trust you will find this to be a satisfactory resolution, and that you will continue to play and enjoy Wizard101.

A few things to note about the reinstatement process:

1. All missing service items (booster packs, elixirs, henchmen, seamstress, and 2nd chance chests) purchased during the weekend will be refunded at 200% of the purchase price in Crowns.

2. Any House deeds purchased for Crowns will be refunded. Houses purchased with gold are also being refunded in Crowns.

3. All recovered items will be placed into your character’s bank. If an item was questionable for any reason, we opted to simply duplicate it and give you a second copy. Feel free to sell these for gold, or give them to other characters on your account.

4. If more than one Wizard on your account was affected, please be sure to check all banks to ensure that you have received everything that was lost. Your bank(s) may be very, very full. At your first opportunity, please review it and move items if needed.

5. If you have a missing quest, please return to the original quest giver and accept the quest again.

We did the best that we could to recover all progress from our backup system, but some experience and quest completion progress may have been irretrievably lost. In the most extreme cases, we were not able to recover some newly created, low-level Wizards (typically lower than 5th level). We are continuing to look into this issue, and will provide further retrievals where technically possible.

As a gesture of apology and a thank you for your patience this week, we will also place a special egg in your backpack (or bank, if your backpack is full) which will hatch into a rare FireBat pet.

Additionally, we have credited each affected account with 2,500 Crowns in addition to any that you may have purchased. This credit is being extended to free-to-play users as well as paying customers.

After the 72-hour period has passed, if you believe your account is still in error, please contact Customer Support by replying to this email. We will carefully review your situation by hand, verify your claim, and deal with it appropriately.
Please note that if you are playing the game when your items are restored, you may get a pop-up saying that someone has logged in using your account. DO NOT PANIC! This is a result of our customer support team looking into your issue. Also remember that because this is a manual process, it may take longer than usual for us to respond. We value all of our customers, and we promise to review EVERY Wizard as quickly as possible.

On behalf of KingsIsle, please accept our sincere apology for this service interruption. Know that we are doing everything we can to ensure that it never happens again. We value your time and continued support of our game, and hope that you and your family will continue to be a part of the growing Wizard101 community.

Thank you,
J. Todd Coleman
Director, Wizard101
KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

AWESOME. Ya'll are getting your stuff back. And, erm, 



  1. I like this header and colors the best. Also awesome picture really long letter like this post will be hehehe. Also you spelled signature wrong lol but other stuff cool
    And nice stars in Conner of header. I got bored reading the letter so I skipped to the endning which is always good. Peace from Nathaniel!

  2. O and I forgot to say that I am awesome like the title for blog says and I still want A BROWNIE.

  3. I keep saying hehehe cause it my new line and also I also keep saying a old sword fighting joke I heard in fencing class it goes, A hat awesome, Gloves even better! And a stick Deliousious. don't even ask about the last part.

  4. Haha Nathan every time you comment it makes me laugh. I think we have a habit of entertaining each other...! :D

  5. Yea, same message Kestrel, received...

  6. Lol it what I do

  7. Used to be: DAVID DRAGONTAMER!June 12, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    Heh Heh Heh... well just stopped by to say Hi Hi :D me's gettin' bored lately... BUT ME FOUND A SOLUTION! SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL >:) I pwn at that game :)
    ~The awesomeness of the used to be David DragonTamer xD

    Well cya later! ;)
    (Me is into smileys more now)

  8. @Nathan: Haha
    @Malorn: I think everyone got the e-mail, lol.
    @David: It's good to hear from you! And it
    s good to hear you're not just sitting around watching Super Mario Brothers is better than that. I know it's stupid to ask, but come back if you can. By the way, Garrett Dayhand- he's gone for good. Character's gone. We all miss you on Skype! It was really fun teasing Cody, lol.Did you hear? Samuel got banned. And then he made a backup account. And then he quit for POTCO.
    Ah well. I hope to see you around!


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