Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unbelieveably Loyal friends :D

First of all, i'm very honored to say that two of my loyalest friends have made blogs now:
Nicholas Lionrider

It's unbelieveable.
Purely Unbelieveable.
Follow them. Not only because they're purely awesome, but because they asked me to ask you guys to follow them. xD

Okay, here we go:

Due to the fact that somehow, my backup account lost stuff, and got crowns, i'm seven pages snacks richer.

Don't ask :D

Do me a favor tonight
Okay, I started this yesterday, lol. I never got around to finishing it.
So, the party last night! I had to leave halfway through (Dang bedtime) but I got stuff!
We all turned into mummys when Friendly did.
Epic. Failure.
So um...
I forgot. Totally forgot. I have to go tell Mary that we have to come up with the next chapter for our story. By the way...

Check out webcast 3 which will be live today. I will be flying it solo as Marissa, cannot get access to her mic at the moment. But don't worry I promise it will be great :D as I have a lot guest stars appearing on the show to make it fun. We also have a few competitions with great prize give aways!
2pm Central (Today)!!
3pm Eastern
12pm Pacific
8pm GMT
So thats from Cassandra typing. Skype is going slow. And, so, yeah.
Despite the fact I keep on epically failing on numerous things, i'm getting off here in vain hope that Skype will stop freezing. I:


  1. I missed the party... You stink in the cannon game! lol

    Was very busy family issues-I'll check out your friends blogs...

  2. Amber you rick for doing this for us

  3. Ok the party was cool but friendly was SO crowded that he left in the middle
    Of the party and we didn't do any activities because everyone kept on bugging friendly saying things like FREINDLY HI and remember me I posted something on your websites and other random stuff and I should add I finally got a brownie! Oh no. I DROPPED ON THE CARPET. I think I will die emotionally and physically because my mom just cleaned gtg hide in closet bye from Nathaniel the awesome person.

  4. It wasn't a epic fail it wasn't epic at all. It was just a fail. Cause how can a fail be epic or awesome if it a fail or a big one in your case lol


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