Monday, June 13, 2011

*IInsert piano music*

Hello everyone. I've got a bit of news to talk.. and tell you the truth, it involves depressing Amber.
I haven't been posting for a bit for a few reasons:
  • My laptop at school was unfortunately taken away (SCHOOLS OUT!!)
  • My computer now makes this weird buzzing sound
  • My monitor keeps slowly darkening, then lighting up really fast
  • General Busieness
I think I want to adress these in order, no?
Well, my laptop at school was taken because.. well.. the school year ended. I missed the last day due to a mistake in the morning, which I didnt get to school at all to save the info on my laptop-- ten stories, fourteen photos, a ton of files. I lost a ton of stuff, and it's really hard to recover.
My computer here which I am writing from is a Windows Vista Home edition. Its a few years old. The bottom disc drive is.. well, stuck.. the tray is stuck somewhere in the machine. And there is no way in heck I'm taking my whole computer apart to fix some random buzzing.
My monitor is being stupid. End of story.
And general busieness has to do with addictions to Skype, LOTRO, Fiesta, ingame housing, art, house cleaning, Tweeting.. it's a lot of things.
I might need a smidge of a break to get myself back together. Okay?
Can we survive.. hmm.. a week?
*Interhugs* I hope!
While you wait, stare at this random photo:

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