Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Housing Showcase

Okay, this is my secret project that's not so secret anymore!

You walk around to the sight of a bench, begging to be sat on to enjoy the scenery

A forest? Of blossom trees of all kinds?

In the pretty forest stands a praying shrine/place to hide out

The owner has not failed to add in some of their own school.

The house looks awesome! You are barely able to keep from rocketing inside

You walk into a odd but cozy sight.

A small, cliché bar welcomes you.

The bedroom looks huge!

Neat storage.

The kitchen is bustling with Fairy's ready to attend to your every hungry need!

The dining hall looks elegant and crisp.

The sitting room is cozy and just looks like the perfect place to spend hours socializing.

You go outside for fresh air, and find a small camp under the stars. Wow!
Fjord's are awesome..
Feedback? Please?


  1. Nice! I look all the hanging lanterns! :)

  2. Hey it's Chase WillowWeaver
    Awesome house!! I've actually seen and been to the fjords in real life, and that house was so good it actually brought back memories! Fantastic.


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