Saturday, June 4, 2011

A few things about me ingame

*Sigh* It's come to the point where I'm going to have to start acting like Icywiz...
  • Whisper chatting
Look. I'm one person. Ingame, there's certain people I'm not really going to talk to just yet. I can't stand it when I have five people at once whisper chatting me. I cant reply to any of them because I end up screwing up.
  • Teleporting
I am one person. I hate to turn of my teleports, but I have to so often it's not even funny. People are teleporting to me lately for only one reason: my genie lamp. Look people, I'm not your own personal teleport bus just so you can get rewards. ASK! Nicely. Not like, "may i plz use your genie lamp ill give you cards". Not "can i port plz my friend needs to see your house". NO. That's not right! I'm sick of those whispers. It's rude.
  • Watch your tongue!!
You all have NO IDEA how many times I have said that to people this week. Withever it was because of them making fun of Mary and I for not having much money in the real world or just simply going "wowww.."  when we give you a piece of our minds, it's been bugging me. Everyone has been going ahead and making fun of us JUST LIKE IN THE REAL WORLD, what we try to escape. Whats the point of playing if we get made fun of anyway?

Finally, just please use manners. If I send you away in my house, that does not mean use Speedhack to stay in my house and block the send away. Send away means, "get out, I don't want you in here just yet, I'm in a bad mood ect and I want some peace". It does not mean I want to socialize, give out free housing questions and everything.
As well as, I'm not giving out house tours! Gosh!

That is ranty Amber for you..
'Till next time,

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