Monday, May 9, 2011


Yep, the epicness test realm.

They had to restart it.

Some people go "WHY CRUEL WOOOOOOOORLD" while others go "What? Why!?!!" And others go "BUT I SPENT ALL OF THAT TIME FINISHING IT!!!!!" Yep, I have seen people with those reactions :P lol The Test Realm got shut down and restarted due to A LOT of glitches that started getting involved when it opened. Such as the people wouldn't die, or they would kill them and cheat even though they weren't cheating bosses or your screen made you not able to see at some times. Hard stuff that did interfere with your gameplay. They HAD to restart it. A lot of people find it unfair but they had to, sorry.

Well, that is the news for Wizard101. Now Blogger news. Well, fellow blogger, Alia Lotuspetal and I are hosting a party (Along with Amber) It's a Cosplay Party. If you don't know what Cosplay is, it's when a person dresses up as a made up character from pretty much anything. So, we are having one on Wizard101 to see who dresses up as what and how good their outfit is. I am not sure if there are going to be contests or anything for something but we will try to see if we can. So yeah, we are planning a big one and I hope that a lot of people come :D We haven't picked out date and time, but we will give you that information later on in the next month, so just wait for a few days/weeks :P

Other news.....I don't really know other news o.o Lemme just mention, a lot of bloggers are taking a break if you noticed so it's that time of SPRING TIME BREAKNESS as I like to call it :P It's Spring, and a lot of people are taking a break, get it? lol :P So yeah, I EXPECT A LOT OF POSTS OVER THE SUMMER O_O *gives evil eye* No jk :PPPP

That's basically pretty much it really.........MARY OUT!!! :D

-Shady :)

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  1. actually its more closer to summer so its kind of late to be taking spring breaks right now. I'll try to see if i can make it to the cosplay party!! Just keep me informed!


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