Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Something to think about #2

Hey everyone- It's Amber again.
Yeah, I'm still on a break for blogging. I just need to update you on a very important matter.
Firstly, do we all know what Plagrization is?
Well, here:


the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own [syn: plagiarism]
Okay, so that can be limited to any idea of your own that you made up and spent time on thinking of. If someone steals it, guess wut?
It's against the law.
Well, that's what my teacher tells me xD
So, yes, taking someone's ideas/words without quoting and giving them the credit is Plagrization.
Lately, in the spiral, I've noticed a lot of it. A lot of it.
Recently we came across a blogger who has thankfully quitted the plagrization, but they were taking posts like Kevin Battleblood's posts-you know, the ones from The Chillanthropist. (Did I spell that right?)
Well anyway, they took posts from numerous blogs and tried to make them look like their own.
No, I'm not going to put them to shame by giving the link. They didn't know.
So, on the other hand.
Plagrization isn't a good thing. at all. Like I said, it's against the law.
If you think you can edit someones stuff without their permission, it's indirect..
And, recently, it's gotten to a point of legality with something.
I'm just going to say right now, the people in the bloggers community are nice enough to give you a fair warning about what's going to happen.
But with me.. try plagrizing me, and there is no warning. Only this once.
Mytwocents for now.
(p.S: スタッフ作業中ですので、いけない心配、私時間再び真ん中を掲載する予定だ。)


  1. ay ay ay amber its kev owlgem (cody) here just tellin u congrats on all the fame lol but i'm still banned so if u ever wanna see me again, if u have an xbox360 and xbox live, send a friend request to: jigsaw217

  2. KEVIN.. Make a new acc.. I'll help you! Celestia is out and I'm a level 60 ^^

  3. Amber,

    To answer your question about how to spell Kevin's blogs title

    It's Spelled Chillanthropologist.

    ~Kyle FireGem~


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