Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back in..

Seriously. In black.
So you guys haven't heard from me in a few weeks due to me being on a break. But trust me, if I hadn't told you guys I would be breaking,  you would all be wondering 'WHERE THE HECK IS AMBER?!'.
Well, this is where the heck I've been:
As some of you know from Twitter and those who are on my IRL Facebook feed, you would have realized I've been really depressed. As in, cut-yourself suiside depressed. But, none of it went THAT far.. I never suisided, I'm typing here and am not a zombie from Dead Island and the scratches on my wrists are healing. So, yay! I'm a bit better enough to come to my senses that--
You guys hate depressed Amber. End of story on THAT one.
I like capitalizing THAT.
Anyway, what has Amber been up to while she was gone?
Well, many of you have noticed probably that I've changed the blog around a lot. We're gone with a new color scheme.. the old one was quite depressing sometimes, no?
I've been in the spiral a lot, but I can't reveal anything I'm doing right now! It's all secret projects. I'm so, so, SO, sorry.. you all will get it later! But, it does have something to do with summer.. ;-)
And finally, I'll start to be more 'active' as both a Student Teacher and just as well a community model. Life has been so busy for me it's hard to find time to hang with friends and stuff! Dont even get me STARTED on school.
For now, all thats up there is all I can think of to put in this post. So...
See you all around soon!


  1. Sweet first jk lol but for real YOur a student teacher?!

  2. @Spiralblogger
    Yep! I'm Fire and Mary is Death. This world is crazy..
    We're waiting for Wolf to re-elect.. x.x

  3. Amber! *hugs* I'm glad your scratches are healing. =3

    (BTW, this is Alura Duskblade)


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