Monday, April 25, 2011

A few changes around here.........

Well anyways, I will first like to say, HAPPY LATE EASTER!!!! Easter is a time for religious things (I AM NOT GONNA GET DEEP ON THAT O.O)but what most people know it for, CHOCOLATE AND PEEPS!!!! :D *STUFFS FACE WITH A LOT OF CHOCOLATE!!!!* WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Well, now the second thing I want to talk about it the news things that are going to be added into the Spiral. As you all know, KingsIsle has made a new world called WINTERTUSK that is the follow up world for Grizzleheim. Now, the news just came out about a month or two ago, so wedont really know much about it. But today, on J Todd Coleman's FaceBook, he revealed that Wintertusk IS COMING INTO THE SPIRAL!!!! Yeppers, the world that I know FEW people don't really care about because they didn't like Grizzleheim XD WILL BE COMING INTO THE SPIRAL!!! So......yeah a lot of new things. A lot of the new amulets have also been a big hit among all of the wizards in the spiral, and most of them really want them and have the equipped already. Also, the new mounts! I have seen a lot of people getting all of the new ones and they are all riding through the worlds in STYLE!!! XD The mounts are super awesome, but they do cost a lot of money though, so that's why people don't have them that much so......yeah

OKAY WELL ONE THING I HAVE TO SAY QUICKLY! I am going to have to start making shorter posts because I am pretty busy and I have started making different posts for both of my blogs. So I will start doing shorter posts but still with a lot of info. I guess that's pretty much it so SEE YOU AROUND THE SPIRAL!!!

-Shady :)


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