Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crafting and Crowns

Okay, so I brang up an old draft from about two weeks ago. Thank you everyone who gave support, it really makes me smile. We can't really control him, but we still try :P
Anywho, enjoy this post from two weeks ago that I forgot to finish typing out..

Hey everyone~!
So recently, I've been crafting up a STORM. I crafted..
-My legendary hat
-My legendary robe
-My legendary boots
-My legendary amulet
-Some secret project stuff

Remember back at the one post where I said I was gonna do a fairgrounds?
Scratch that.
I've bought the dragons fjord and decided to craft the stuff in it...
10% complete. Tehe.. that's a lot of reagents.. probably in the 30,000's?  About right.
I have around 800 cattails.. wont be running out of them anytime soon..
However, I went from 300 Scrap iron to 0 crafting my gear. Lets just say, Phoenix cards cost a lot of iron. Well, getting them back won't be hard.. I got me trusty farming place ;)
I just forgot what to type...
Everyone got their 1,000 crowns from that survey, right? Well, I spent mine on...
Back to the old outfit.
The newest one on the header.. I don't know, the dress just looks like something a 4 year old would pick to me. It's not exactly my favorite.. I wanted to change to that one robe that looks like this:
Only with fire symbols.
But guess who's über wife has it?
Speaking of Friendly, he's going to be taking a hiatus. Upgrading his blog, and just breaking. Sort of like jumping in a pool, staying in there then thinking "Ehh, I need to go get some lunch.." and taking a break. Hey, sorry about the weird comparison.. that's what you get with Florida.
Hey, Kingsisle really needs to make a fire hat like the one above. Floppy ish. Its like the ice hat, you know?
HEY! My teacher turned on the TV and it showed a clip of someone dropping milk and making it fail!
...Sorry, random milk raid memory. xD
But seriously, they need to make one like this and replace the cloudy stuff with flames:

Okay.. my friend Alex just said that my friend Gary was about to do something odd..
Uh, anyways, yeah. Wouldn't that be FREAKIN' EPIC?
...Sorry. I just really love that hat...
And also, I've become addicted to peeps with long white hair >.<
I dunno what else to write that WOULDNT go into IRL...
So I guess its time to end da post.

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