Thursday, April 7, 2011


Gahh everyone, I am headdesking..
Amber is going to be on a hiatus for awhile to catch up with school work and ingame work. We're doing our State Tests on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and a bit on Friday. Whole week.. 
Just as I type this I am sweating.
Ugh, lemme explain my annoying day!
Firstly we went on a field trip to Gamble Mansion, which was 3 hours long. Bus had no air conditioning, nor did the mansion. We were sweating.
Secondly I did a fiesta, and we had to stay outside for 45 mins STRAIGHT AFTER WE GOT OFF THE HOT BUS!!
Thirdly, straight after we went to recess! Goody outdoors!
*Smile falls off face* It's 90* Fahrenheit here.
And dad still wont let us to go the beach..
Signing off for now..


  1. Awww,sorry.

    *Here's a cold, re-hydrating beverage for you!*

    Do well with your tests!

  2. Good luck with your tests!
    (Man, just hearing you say '90 degree Fahrenheit makes me cringe... Yay for 46 degree weather! =D )

  3. Have fun on the test! I've had my state tests from 4/13-4/15, then on Monday 4/18. And I'm not ready for 4/18, not knowing half the textbook.


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