Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am SO SORRY That I haven't posted in so long D: I have been busy with so many things and my final test for the school year is in a week or two and I need to study and.....UGH! Oh well, TO WIZARD101 STUFF WE GO!!!!

*mounts lion mount*

Well, in WIZARD news, Kings Isle has now told us About the newest world coming to the spiral!!! WINTERTUSK!!!! Yep, this is the new world that like, comes after Grizzleheim and includes Grandmother Raven, who is Bartelby's sister, as mentioned in the beginning of the game by Bartelby. So the game is going to habve that great new world out and everything, so everyone is really excited.

Also mentioned, there are going to be new Level 58 pets! That is so exciting!!! I wonder how they are all going to lIke, maybe they are the level 58 pets or something else, but we are all anxious for the new updates!!!

Other news, on the Wizard101 loading thing (like the screen when you first click on the Wizard101 icon and put I'm the user name and password) they added a little timer, saying that something big would be coming to the spiral! Now, what the problem is that the timer endsvon April Fools Day. So who knows, what they're talking about could be like the easter guy who comes every year for easter, or possibly it could be Wintertusk? Who knows, maybe they were doing that world while making Celestia as well? Magybe that's who they took to long for Celestia? That is a mystery to soon be discovered!

In blogging news, most people have read the Hunger Games series, right? If you don't know, its a trilogy where America turned into 12 different districts and every year, they send a random girl and boy representatives to the Hunger Games, where the main point is to kill everyone, and survive. The last one to live, then wins fame and fortune for their whole life. Well anyways, John made up thisthing where instead of Districts, they are the schools pf magic! Also, there are game keepers, people that keep it all in order. Instead of a fight to the death, it's a PvP match, one school versus another. I sm going to be the girl tribute for the Death school, so :D

Other blogging news, I bet everyone has heard the rumors and stuff about us hating Nicholas Lionriderking. As a matter afact, we're all friends now!!! We are all good friends with no problems or anything! So all of those rumors are over and we're all happy!

Well, that is the news for today and sorry for not posting in such a long time D: well anyways, cya around the spiral!!!

-Shady :)

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