Saturday, March 26, 2011

NVM THAT + Improving

Hey everyone~~!
So it's Amber again, in a better mood (hopefully! the comments you guys leave me actually make my day. Seriously. I do a mini happy dance everytime I see one!).
Anywho, I've been trying to rival everyone lately. This includes in housing, leveling and general activeness...
Blog activeness failed.
Not for long!
Soon to come is this blog revamped for the spring.  New header, layout and colors! Please vote on the poll that will be up shortly withever you liked the old theme or the new theme. This may take awhile so yeah..
On the other hand, a sadder note: I won't be continuing AVOA. However you can go and read it on Fanfiction by clicking the link at the end of this post.*
Sorry about the confusion on the last post, I don't have the katakana and hiragana and kanji keyboards with this computer, only on my mac at school. So I had to use Google Translate. Which totally screws up messages. Lesson learned.
So.. how has my game progress been going lately? Oh, it's fantabulous! random thing: I have 101 e-mails in my spambox. :P
Okay pictures ahoy~~
My new look: I have gotten tired of the elegant thing, so here! A thousand kudos to Cassandra Icemancer who gave me the memo that these had been fixed!

I got rid of Amber Jr.. her schools were screwed up.. so yeah


28 :)

Wayfinder gear! Did wayfinder tower :)

Finally in MB~! Yay!
And um, about housing. I've reserved making the Hunger Games replica. Sorry HG fans! :)
Ya'know, I was really hyper about making this post this morning, but now I forget what I was gonna say... ;)
If any of you know Donna Spellthorn good enough, you know what's coming up in May.
There. Only hint.
Until next post,


  1. O: Yay! A thousand kudos for meeeeee ^_^ Glad you're happy.... I like my new outfit for when my other one is buggy XD o: I need one of those robes for my Death girl too! Matter of fact, I need to level up my noobs! Anyway....

    Glad you like it ^^

  2. Yeah, some of my friends read that book. And congrats with your charecters.

    from the wizard that has never posted a commment before

    sean nightfist

  3. Hiya, I love the Hunger Games; its awesome :) Anyways I command you to do a mini-happy dance! lol

    Sloan Shadowstaff


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