Saturday, March 19, 2011


Konnichwa wizards!
First of all look up..
then look back down to this..
Sorry I haven't been posting lately, TRUST ME I have been busy. My whole week consisted of school, facebook, a bit of wiz, sick birds and acceptance letter crazieness.
So, first things first: School. God, whoever decided it's fun needs to go in a padded cell. And then whoever invented Social Studies needs to go in another padded cell.

Secondly, Facebook has become a addiciton. Farmville, I'm going to murder you.

Thirdly, the bit of wiz thing consists of Farming, Gardening then chatting.

Fourthly, my bird is sick with a infection. It's horridly funny. We have to catch her in a towel BUT she escapes halfway across the house. Who knew that bird was such a fast runner. She's fat. And the whole time she's squaking like mad.

Fifth and last, I got accepted to the highest middle school in my state. I'm very happy about this.



  1. "Funny fat bird is funny". (Get well soon)
    Stay away from Farmville! It's a trap! Anything you do on Facebook games detracts from what you can do in the spiral.

    And gratz on your school acceptance.

  2. Gratz :). Private school I take it? Boy, I got to think about colleges for the first time soon..
    and again, sorry about your little friend. GET WELL!

  3. "Funny little birds ... they had no wings ... what shall we do ... with the silly things?" haha, sorry, needed to use that Hobbit reference :)


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