Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aploigies accepted

FYI: This is only if you were involved in that comment war..

Okay so Vanessa and Nick, i've got to give out a few apoligies. Vanessa first because it's easier.
TO VANESSA: Sorry we got mad! It was just sort of annoying, Nick doesn't really know you.. xD Besides, I don't go and cyberbully because I want to. I got reasons If I do. The reason I got mad was because of Nick wasn't supposed to even mention me.. ever again.. and then you got in it not knowing what's happened in the past.. yeah xD It's alright! Just look before you leap next time, I understand you hate cyberbullying and so do I! We're good!

TO NICK: Again.. sorry I got mad xD I find that every time I talk to you I wanna be friends again :F
And so, yes, I accept your apology. A lot has happened.. but as like your post, "Out with the old and In with the new." Of course it's impossible to forget what's happened, but if anything happens again we've got to realize that this is the present and not the past. Im ready for a new beginning and stuff.
And stuff? xD

So yes, hopefully there's no annoying fights anymore. Seriously, we've all got to realize that this is the present.. and whatever happens, it's not the past, and that is OK.
A new beginning.
*Hugs both, then walks away with a small smile.*


  1. It has been alot better since we stopped fighting. I really hope that everyone not just me and you can stay friends because we all are some really cool people.

  2. When we hug? XD Yay!
    Also his post was Out with the AMBER in with the FUN XD
    Ty for excepting my apoligy!


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