Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Japanese Cosplay Wizards

Konnichwa, wizards!
Sorry that I have not been posting all that much! This lady is busy as crap, with testing coming up soon. A gusto of my Wednesday today:
7:15 Wake up, drag self to couch
7:30 Get dressed 
7:35 Breakfast to 7:45
7:45 Brush teeth, normal manditory junk like Agenda signing
7:55 Leave
8:30 School startz
9:00 Math
9:30 Gifted
11:45 Lunch
12:15 Leave lunch back to home class
1:15 Dismiss out of school
1:30 Home

Thats a lot for me during this.. it's fifth grade, so seriously. 
I'm going to bring out a picture post soon that isn't from school (like now) very soon! Paitence, people!
.... I might have them on this though. And hey I can see the words on my dock xD Yes this is a mac, I don't like them but I can see what I'm posting,,,
Holy crap my butt's asleep again.
Grandmaster Artisan

Grandmaster Gardener

Cori Dings 18

Weird Glitvh


....Best show eva. It's got from left to right: Gibbs, Director Jennny Shepard,Donald  "ducky", Abby, Dinozzo, McGee, and Ziva

An old old picture from when I was in MS or MB. 
De sae mo FCAT to nayama sete.........

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